For Whiter Teeth

Some of you take very good care of their teeth, going to the dentist every 3 months, and brushing after every meal. Some of you may even thought of teeth whitening. There are things you can avoid to have whiter, brighter teeth.

1st. Coffee

I know what most of u r thinking, Starbucks. Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst culprits, staining teeth even if you have just a little.

2nd. Tea

Not tea, too! If I can’t have coffee, I should at least be able ot have tea! Green or white teas, or just herbal infusions (called teasans) won’t stain your teeth, but black teas will, so avoid them if you can!

3rd. Chocolate

Well, I won’t be giving up chocolate any time soon, but at least now I’m aware that it might be staining my teeth. If yo want whiter teeth, and don’t mind giving up a treasured, favorite indulgence, u have to avoid chocolate, too.

4th. Blueberries

No Pinkberry for me 😦 The juice and skin of blueberries is a natural semi-permanent dye, so it follows that if you eat many of them, your teeth will be stained. The good news is that the staining isn’t permenent. The bad news is that it’s… blue

5th. Colas (Even Diet!)

All kind of Cola is a no-no, they’re loaded with sugar, acid, and all kinds of other things that can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. If you want whiter teeth, avoid colas for sure!

6th. Smoking

This is another great reason for all of you out there who thinks of quitting, smoking causes yellow permanent stains, and gives you bad breath. Eew.

So what do u think, do u have more things for me to avoid  to get a whiter teeth?


About roashina

Ladies from k-town with different tastes that are willing to share interests and thoughts during their daily life.
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