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The Farewell Season of The Oprah Show starts this September!

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Marky Mark Gets A Star On The Walk Of Fame!

Finally receiving the recognition he deserves, Mark Wahlberg was honored with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California on Thursday. The “Max Payne” star was joined by actor Will Ferrell and his adorable … Continue reading

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BlackBerry 9780 and OS 6.0 Shown Off

RIM and AT&T are holding a BlackBerry event on August 3 in NYC for an unannounced handset launch but Driphter may have spoiled the fun for us all with this video of a Bold 9780. According to, the 9780 is … Continue reading

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Welcome to Britain! Yes You May Own Harrods But You Can’t Park Here

Looking on the bright side, at least the owners won’t have much trouble stumping up the parking fine. But even when you’ve just bought Harrods for £1.5billion, and the cars are among the fastest and most exclusive in the world, … Continue reading

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New In Cinescap This Week


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New Medal of Honor Trailer Debuts

EA has let loose an extended version of the debut trailer for its modern-day revamp of the Medal of Honor series, revealing more shooty antics of the elite ‘Tier One Operators.’ Toting singleplayer built upon Unreal Engine 3 by EA Los … Continue reading

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Comic-Con Wrap Up

Here are some final tidbits from Comic Con: – Watch the 2010 Comic-Con Joss Whedon Experience – Watch the Full Tron Legacy Comic-Con Press Conference – 5 Biggest Movie Trailers of Comic-Con 2010 – 20 Comic-Con things to geek out about – 2011 Preview … Continue reading

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