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Disney Epic Mickey

Warren Spector, a game designer known for the dystopian game series Deus Ex, is an unlikely candidate to oversee a game featuring one of the most recognizable animated characters of all time. Yet Spector is the man that Walt Disney … Continue reading

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Eva Longoria New Perfume

Eva Longoria launched her new fragrance at the Westfield Shopping Center in London on Sunday. The fragrance is a combination of citruses, bergamot tea, neroli, aldehydes, jasmine, lily of the valley, freesia, leather musk, amber and sandalwood.

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New Selena Gomez!

Selena Gomez and The Scene is back with a new video premiere for her latest single, “A Year Without Rain. Check out the full video below.

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Kanye Finally Apologizes To Taylor!

Kanye went on a tweeting rampage Saturday morning, discussing his past mistakes, including an apology to Taylor Swift for interrupting her during last year’s VMAs.

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Future of Screen Technology

User interface specialists TAT provides their futuristic take on the UI, screens and technology of computing devices four years from now. The experience video showcases the future of screen technology with stretchable screens, transparent screens and e-ink displays.

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