PayPal Experiencing Some Problems

Many users who are attempting to use PayPal are finding their orders are not going through. The problem is affecting the live site, including the PayPal APIs, the official website, the Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition and Express Checkout.

The popular online payment service started experiencing difficulties around 11AM EST. Users who try to submit a payment receive the message, “Sorry – your last action could not be completed.

PayPal is live blogging their progress here.

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3 Responses to PayPal Experiencing Some Problems

  1. SoCoMoCo says:

    I hate that thing :/ every time I try to order something I realize that I must have a paypal account & I don’t :@

  2. ims85 says:

    بعض المرات تصير مشكله ثانيه : واللي اهي لازم يكون عنوان البطاقه امريكا

    ال billing address

    مما يعطل العمليها كلها

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