Banana Fries

For a long time I wanted to make these yummy snack, I kept searching for fresh Plantains in our CO-OPs but didn’t find any, until I was passed by an asain market, thankfully I found some fresh ones there.

They are Plantains not Green Bananas as everybody call them. So I brought some, wash them, cut their edges and one part of the skin with a knife.

Then peel the rest with vege peeler

Every time I peel one, I leave it in the water so it wont become black. I made 15 ones. Wash some fresh curry leaves, thankfully I have one currey tree in my garden, but you can find them in most CO-OPs.

Mix 3ts of curcuma and one ts of salt in 1/4 cup of water.

Then start to heat the frying oil in a wide frying pan so it will be easier to fry them.

Actually its a mix of 2 parts, corn oil and coconut oil.

Slice the Plantains with a potato slicer, and drop them in a hot oil.

Ok here is the tricky part, drop the curcuma mix over the frying bananas (ya it will tish tish). At this point make like the Egypion women when she drop (taquliah) over Molokiah 😉

After this, drop the curry leaves and keep frying it until the color becomes goldish brown.

Strain it and put over kitchen tissue paper to absorb the execs oil, leave it to cool before serving.

If you like to store it, its better to store it in paper bag

Come and join us 🙂

Thanks girls for letting me post in your beautiful blog.



About roashina

Ladies from k-town with different tastes that are willing to share interests and thoughts during their daily life.
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4 Responses to Banana Fries

  1. TGWKE says:

    Looks lovely and delicious! Will definitely give it a try.

  2. LadyB says:

    Interesting, even though I’m allergic to banana’s

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