From a long time I want to play with an old plain dull wood tray. I’m not an artiest, I even a shame of my hand writing, but I love decorative painting. Since I met my beloved teacher Rohaizan I put my hands in the real world of decorative painting, and I feel in love with this beautiful Dutch art, Hindeloopen.

It start with small paint project at her beautiful home studio, to learn the basics of decorative paintings.

She taught me how important to prepare the surface for clean work, and I learn the comma  strok that is the piller of this beautiful art, then I been hooked in this wow world.

bought plenty of books, patterns, and paint some projects and I’m still in my ABC.

Let start:

First I sand the wood surface, then clean it, paint it with base coat with sponge roller, left it to dry , then sand it again , and gave it another coat, some times it needs 3 coats to give the best result. It is faster to paint with sponge roller than a brush, and for more neat work.

Made my own color blend for the base coat, but its better for beginners to follow the color scheme that comes with the patterns.

You don’t have  to wash the sponge roller every time you finish from each coat. only cover it with plastic film to keep it wet fresh for another coat.

If I’m in class my teacher will prepar the pattern size for the project, but I have to work by myself to resize the pattern with scanner, print, then copy it to transfare paper.

This is one of Heleen Van der patterns.

With the stylus & carbon paper I transfare the pattern on the tray.

Now comes the real artistic work that I was waiting for. I had tried to practise on clear plastic film over the tray, because I don’t want to make a mess. I’m using acrylic colors, that dries quickly, but I didn’t like my mixed colors, so I gave a visit to my beloved teacher, and show her my work.

She told me, “if you want to feel the real effect of colors, practise on cardboard painted in the same base color.” And finally I did, and I founf many good choices.

Went back home, and started to load my size 4 round brush and did not stop working.

I start with the meduim color

Then I used the durker colors for shading with a liner brush.

After that I highlighted it also with the liner brush

You can stop at this stage but I didn’t, I made another highlight with lighter color, and smaller liner brush.

Their are many many ways to paint Hindeloopen, and this is one of them.

Well their are more things needs to be added, to make it more balanced. Do you have any ideas that can help me??

I will try next to update it with arabic traslation and more.

 I have a bread box waiting  patiently to be painted from a long time. This time I will take it to my lovely friend & teacher Rohaizan, and spent a good deel of time their 🙂

THANKS GIRLS For Letting me share this 3afeesa in your lovely Blog.

About roashina

Ladies from k-town with different tastes that are willing to share interests and thoughts during their daily life.
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4 Responses to Hindeloopen

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  2. LadyB says:

    That’s really lovely !
    wayed 7lo mashallah 😉

  3. 3afeesah says:

    be3yoonch el 7elwah

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