Hindiloopen 2

Today I gave a visit to my lovely friend & beloved teacher Rohizain at her home studio in Salwah , to put the final touch on  my last painting project with her.

It will be a present for Mama on Mother’ s day.

I started this project after I finished from the Hindiloopen tray, that made me more confidanet to deel with brush stroke .

Well I sand this lovely plain box  with 600 grade sand paper and wipe it to give it a smooth surface for painting . then paint it with 2 coats for base between each coat I sand it.

As you can see I paint the top with dark green, the sides & inner with dark red

I painted the border with gold to give it more life

The main pattern was inspire from Sandy’s sure stroke book. But the colors scheme was inspired by My beloved teacher Rohizain.

I realy realy enjoyed every minute of my time when ever I hold my painting brush in Rohaizin Studio.

I came back home, added some brush strokes plus some lines work.

Now can you suggest what that box can be used for?

Thanks girls


About roashina

Ladies from k-town with different tastes that are willing to share interests and thoughts during their daily life.
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6 Responses to Hindiloopen 2

  1. B says:

    I would fill it with perfumes and bu5oor , or what wold be more orignal is filling it with differnt kinds of tea

  2. LadyB says:

    Very Lovely !

  3. SoCoMoCo says:

    Mashallah ur very talented u should show us more of what u can do 😀

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