My Trip to Hong Kong

I have been to Hong Kong for 9 days and boy it was a blast! I didn’t expect to enjoy hong kong this much, 9 days for me was not enough many malls and streets that i didn’t pass by yet. There local stuff like clothes and accessories are amazing you should check them out many new and cute designs. Hong Kong consists of two parts, Kowloon and Hong kong island. We stayed in Kowloon (the new part) at the Langham hotel which is directly located in the center of the city. The Langham was great, good service, food, price, and location I totally do recommend it. The reason why we stayed in Kowloon not in HK Island is that you don’t need a car to go from one place to another, everything is near by not like HK Island.

The street above is called Canton Road, it is across the street from our hotel and it’s not only a road filled with designer boutiques, but it also has several malls which are connected to each other, anything that crosses your mind can be found there, really! It is like a compacted place of everything, designer clothes and accessories, cafes, restaurants, grocery, cosmetics, and the list will go on. The place below is called Heritage platform 1881, is also along the Canton Road.

After a long day and dinner, we always head to Victoria Harbor below for a walk and enjoy the view of the Hong kong island on the other side.

Every night at 8 pm the buildings start their lighting show along with music, the light decorations on the building are amazing and the view is superb!

This show was played in Victoria Harbor Celebrating the chinese new year (the year of the rabbit) it was fun watching such show although i didn’t understand anything they say :p . I think that this is the best time to visit Hong kong, the city is filled with decorations and shows.


About roashina

Ladies from k-town with different tastes that are willing to share interests and thoughts during their daily life.
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3 Responses to My Trip to Hong Kong

  1. The Stig says:

    Loved the shots,
    you’re talented mashalla. keep up the good pictures and posts coming 🙂

  2. buy tramadol says:

    Great site. Keep doing.

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