Beyonce Sued For Over $100M For Ruining Her Own Video Game

International pop star Beyonce Knowles is being sued for over $100 million by developer Gate Five. TMZ has the documents [PDF link], which state the singer made an “extortionate demand” for more money during a “crucial moment” in the production of Starpower: Beyonce. Perhaps she couldn’t resist the kind of dollars made by games like Halo (3), Halo (ODST), Halo (Reach).

Gate Five claims it’s entitled to the $6.7 million it invested and the $100 million in profits it believes it would have made. The company also claims it had to let 70 employees go a week before Christmas due to Knowles’ action, and is seeking an injunction that would prevent Knowles from “commercially associating with any other video game” or using “confidential information” she received in connection with Gate Five. But, Beyonce needs to pay her credit card bills, her telephone bills, her automo-bills…


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