New Leica M9-P Camera

Leica has launched a newer version of Leica’s M9 rangefinder digital camera, named M9-P. Measuring just 139 x 37 x 80 mm, the company says is the smallest, full-frame digital camera in the world.

The Leica M9-P, designed for the professional user include a a scratch-resistant, sapphire crystal covering on the LCD screen and anti-reflective coatings for improved visibility in difficult lighting conditions. M9-P also features an 18-megapixel 24 x 36mm (35mm format) CCD sensor and a Microprocessor-controlled, exceptionally low-noise, metal blade shutter with vertical movement. Design of the camera is more discreet which makes the photographer more ‘inconspicuous’ (no red Leica logo on front).

M9-P will be available beginning next month in two different finishes: black paint and the unobtrusive, classical silver chrome finish well-known from generations of Leica cameras. US purchasers can buy the camera for $7,995. [Leicca]


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