Prada Introduces Candy Perfume

Some fragrances are warm, some fragrances have a tang, and some fragrances are sugary-sweet, like Candy, the new eau de parfum from Prada. With notes of white musk, Laotian benzoin, balsamic vanilla, and sweet caramel, it is sure to be the most saccharine scent on the block. And the bottle does nothing to dispel the notion, either. The bottle features bright pink and orange blocks, trimmed with gold. This scent might seem to be a step away from the traditional Prada aesthetic, but that is the beauty of it—it is the essence of Prada’s fun, playful and bold side. Prada Candy will be available in September at Prada beauty counters. Prices will start at $80.


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One Response to Prada Introduces Candy Perfume

  1. the boudoir. says:

    i looove sweeet scents..cant wait until its in store:)

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