Medicom Naruto Shippuuden & Sasuke RAH Figure

Doesn’t matter how you ship this pairing, may all your yaoi dreams come alive with these highly poseable and -strippable- Naruto action figures.

Title: PROJECT BM! No.63 Uzumaki Naruto project BM!: うずまきナルト
Title: PROJECT BM! No.64 Uchiha Sasuke project BM!: うちはサスケ
Series: NARUTO Shippuden NARUTO-ナルト- 疾風伝 –
Price:  17,800 yen each. Diffierent stores have varying discounts.
Available: March 2012
Description: 12 inch figures made with Medicom Toy’s modified RAH301Kai body and additional parts.

Uzumaki Naruto comes with Clear plastic spiral circle as the Rasengan, Kunai parts, and the components are inherited from Tsunade necklace if you down the zipper of Naruto’s jacket. This is really wonderful, you can produce the scene like in the movie such as striking use Rasengan or make a seal of Jutsu, and many others.

Sasuke Uchiha comes with additional head with Sharingan eyes to reproduce the scene in the movies. The left hand can be attached with “staggered” effect to strike his jutsu, Chidori. It also features a sword with sheath that can be unsheathed to make a slash strike on the enemy.

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12 Responses to Medicom Naruto Shippuuden & Sasuke RAH Figure

  1. Ternessa says:

    I love Sasuke far more than Naruto and I just HAD to preorder him. Lol 🙂

  2. Adz4000 says:

    for Naruto – why no kyubi chakra face or red transparent tails and hands with claws??? or a face that is angry for action poses??? instead we only get a vague look and a big stupid looking grinning face!! 🙂 😦

    also are these going to be 12” high or 1/6 scale?? if they are 12” high then they will be too big!!! they should be scaled incase they bring out other characters (kakashi etc.!!!)

    why do these companys go to the trouble of making excellent things only to do them imperfect!!!!!????!!! and then charge so much $$$$$$$$ ???

    • Matt says:

      You fool, this is Medicom, they always make their figure 1/6 (12″), and they are for collectors and thats why its so expensive. If you do not like it then you dont have to buy it, just stick with your cheap 5″ Naruto figures!..

      • Adz4000 says:

        so youre saying if medicom were to release a kakashi at exactly the same height as Naruto and Sasuke that would be good?? that would be a good thing to do????? you fool, you foolish fool just think about that ……. would that be good ? or just foolish????

      • Bushy Eyebrow says:

        Medicom does not make all their 1/6 figures at 12″ inches … they’re usually 10 to 11, some barely reaching 12″. Their figures are too fragile and very limited in poseability with the costumes on. Here’s an examplbe with Medicom Batman on the far left, barely at 11.75″…which likes between 1/6.5 – 1/7 scale, wth?

      • Bushy Eyebrow says:

  3. Oooutaku says:

    I would love it if Medicom would make a Itachi figure.

  4. xKamuiX says:

    Nice figures, but were are itachi and jiraiya my fav and loved ones… :-/
    I hope if these are going to sell well we might get other naruto shippuuden figures from medicom.

  5. kong says:


  6. Helena says:

    I want to buy these figures. If anyone knows where I can buy them or want to sell it to me, please send me an email – I live in Russia, but do not worry, I am responsible and reliable buyer!

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