Toms Launches Ballet Flats For Spring 2012

TOMS Ballet Flats are new to the TOMS family and their expected arrival is in Spring 2012. These Paris style ballet flats join the One for One family and for every pair bought a new pair is given. For those of us that have wished our TOMS were a little dressier now you have your wish. Everybody in fashion is excited to see the TOMS line grow to include these amazing shoes. Except a heftier price point for Ballet Flats because they come in many expensive style options. It seems like the TOMS Ballet Flats will start at $74 and the more expensive fabrics will be priced at $129. Don’t expect canvas ballet flats, now you get leather, suede, and burlap fabric options. You will still get the same amazing TOMS quality and lightweight shoe just in a ballet flat.

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1 Response to Toms Launches Ballet Flats For Spring 2012

  1. Michelle says:

    Happy about the expansion into flats, unhappy with the price point.

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