AMC’s Website Spoils A Major Event On The Walking Dead This Season

Warning: This story contains a major spoiler about AMC’s The Walking Dead and the comic book series it originated from. 

AMC may have just spoiled what might turn out to be the worst-kept TV secret of 2012. Early Thursday, The Walking Dead’s second season limited edition Blu-ray set was showcased on AMC’s website. One problem: The item’s description included a major spoiler that has yet to air this season!

Regarding the ultra-limited-special-edition-collectors DVD/Blu-ray box set, MacFarlane Toys and Anchor Bay teamed up to create a creepy yet clever Walking Dead Zombie Head Case.

The collection features a zombie head with a screwdriver jammed straight through its eye! Slide open the zombie’s head (if you dare) to reveal Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Read more HERE about the spoiler.


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