Use your computer to give Dropcam HD ($149) a name and select a Wi-Fi network. That’s it. Dropcam HD automatically joins the wireless network, securely connects to the Dropcam service and streams video to you instantly.

Dropcam HD is designed to work without installing any software on your computer. Capture all of life’s moments in 720p HD with the wireless camera. See what’s at the front door. Watch your baby’s smile. Keep track of visitors.

Dropcam HD has a state-of-the-art wide-angle lens so you see everything. Zoom in on areas to capture even more detail. Watch video on the go over Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G with the free Dropcam iPhone app and Dropcam for Android on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone, and even your Kindle Fire tablet.

There’s no limit to where and how you view your video. Whether you’re just leaving work or on vacation, your video is at your fingertips.

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Ladies from k-town with different tastes that are willing to share interests and thoughts during their daily life.
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