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Introducing “Xbox One” The all-in-one Entertainment System

Microsoft has unveiled the new Xbox, and it’s called Xbox One. It’s Microsoft’s first new console in more than seven years. The console will be available “later this year.” Microsoft exec Don Mattrick called it out as an “all-in-one” box. The core … Continue reading

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DmC Gamescom 2012 Trailer

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FIFA 12 Beats GTA 4 Debut

FIFA 12, debuted at the top of the UK charts this past week. The semi-surprise is the latest installment of the footie franchise became the third largest multi-format debut ever, surpassing Grand Theft Auto 4 and sitting comfortably behind Call of Duty‘s Black Ops and Modern Warfare … Continue reading

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Swarovski Studded Kinect Sensor

Microsoft is now going all out to make sure that their Kinect Sensor is getting all the attention it needs. They have sponsored Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue’s European tour in association with Dance Central. Hand-crafted by PlayBling and studded with more than 6,000 Swarowsky Elements … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update Is Out

The latest Xbox 360 dashboard update is here, and it’s a biggy. The update is global, and should be automatic to any Xbox 360 users and should be available now and if not in the next few hours. The dashboard … Continue reading

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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Leaks Onto YouTube

A very real-looking video of the Xbox 360’s dashboard interface has apparently leaked to YouTube. This overhaul’s most likely in adance of the Kinect launch, as you can see a dedicated pane for games that will you Microsoft’s motion-control camera.

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New Xbox 360 Controller

A new Xbox 360 controller with an improved D-pad, and bang — Major Nelson just went live with a YouTube video detailing the new piece. The new matte silver controller will only come bundled with the Play and Charge kit … Continue reading

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